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== Manifesto of the Bikekitchen Vienna ==

We´ll work it out as we go along. Let our practice form our doctrine, thus assuring theoretical coherence (Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang, Penguin 2004, p. 69.)

Preamble: This manifesto does not correspond to reality and is not intended to be serious; neither this sentence does.

§ 1. Hierarchy & Self-empowerment

1) The Bikekitchen derives its option from given circumstances. At the same time it reclaims radical demands.

2) The BK is progressive, processive, subversive, antisexist, anticommercial, anticompetitive, DIY (do it yourself)-based and self-empowering. The BK has an inductive-anarchistic approach, that means “bottom up” and refuses any attempts of overthrow on strict ideologies or any deductive-dogmatic aproaches.

3) The BK is oriented on the model of the bicycle (see § 4, sentence 4), this leads to the imperative mandate, the self-organized and free economy, the anti-hierarchic respectively minimal hierarchical organisation. This results from the study of the essence of the bicycle.

4) Direct action and self-empowerment: Differently to person oriented and/or programm-based workshops, the BK rotates and strains its participants and ideas like spokes and axes. Ultimately it tries wherever there is a (bicycle-)problem to give practical help for selfhelp.

5) Know-how: Multiplication and collectivisation by means of communication and mediation. Not everybody can know everthing at the same time, but you can allways ask. Also this is part of self-empowerment.

6a) Because the BK is anticompetitive and based on trust in each other, it excludes any racist or sexist behaviour. Making the access to the BK dependent on superficial attributes like origin, wealth or indigence, sex or gender-orientation is paradoxial in itself and contraproductive as such parameters can never be generally accepted and so have no true validness at all. Hence this kind of behavior is seen as operational disorder and will be treated as such.

6b) Any packing order and alpha-(fe)male affectation contradicts the basic precepts of the BK (see § 4, sentence 4). Furthermore it harms the knowledge-transfer sincerely (see §1, sentence 5).

7) The BK is competitive in the sense of a lustfull skirmish, in the sence of humoristic challenging of bondaries, the refinement of extasy, the affirmation of living. For these reasons the BK cultures jousting, bicycle-tossing, bike-bungee, alley-cat, spoke-mikado, rodeo-bike, bicycle con- and destructing and the meditation on the nature of the bicycle itself.

8) The BK is low-leveled although and just because it has awfully steep stairs.

9) The BK is exclusive.

10) The BK is never complete!

§ 2. Dogmatism & Humour

1a) From the direction of the bicycle model (see § 4, sentence 4) follows: Antidogmatism on all levels: On the work bench, on mechanic and social experiments, on structures and rules etc. This because dogmatism is the reason for lack of humour and the lack of humour is the enemy of the essence of the bicycle itself!

1b) The basic antidogmatism requires verifying of the superficial signs of consensus. This is also the case, if such signals are laid down on the bases of the so called political correctnes. PC can be usefull but is often used to mask reaction.

2) The BK is a place for refining humouristic, playful acts in words and actions. In short: It´s about humouristic refinement of all kinds of skills.

3) The BK respects and appreciates progressive explorations and experiencies of all kinds. This respect results from the study of nature of the bicycle itself. Recycling and reuse of former social progressive movements combines with the bicycle model (see § 4, s. 4). Not everthing can be recycled. For example the auto-cratic affectation of the international situationists is unreformable crap. Conversaly there are valuable elements in their words and happenings etc.

4) It deals about the synergie between thinking and acting!

§ 3. Economy & Syndicalism

1) The BK is strictly against built-in obsolescence of all kind. Therefore it is also against commercialized fashion and styles in design. Furthermore the BK is against the irrational unsustainability of profitoriented thinking and for the (money-) free economy. The BK is outside the uncivilised and necrophilic forces in the current economic order.

2) Resources: Recycling, upcycling and repairing goes before buying new. Make stuff out of bikes and bikes out of stuff!

3) Property: Self-empowerment through understanding that possessions should not possess you.

4) Companies: Companies are okay, as long as they follow the bicycle model (see § 4, sentence 4) and leading the dictate of the so-called free marked away from its absurdity.

5) Currency: The most produced means of transportation is the bicycle. Therefore it is logical, that bicycle parts should become the only valid currency. In addition that would prevent any speculation, thus any evil and inhuman effects of speculation.

§ 4) Petrol-driven hegemony & bicycle culture

1) The BK will use any means possible for the good of the bicycle.

2) One aim of the BK is the enrichment of the bicycle culture up to the final overthrow of the petrol driven hegemony.

3) Therefore the BK is working on a worldwide network of bicycle-selfrepairing workshops and is hosting related activism and action.

4) The BK is oriented on the bicycle model, which states that any action is measured in relation to its benefit to the bicycle, the bicycle culture and its participants. It doesn´t matter, if these actions are directly or indirectly, virtual or actual benefiting the bicycle, the bicycle culture and its participants.

5) The BK demands more bicycle-driven roadways, cargo-bike roadways and bicycle-friendly public transport. It demands the possibility of all forms of transport to be amenable for carrying bicycles and their use whilst the vehicle is in motion.

6) Gyroscopical forces: The BK supports all forms of pedal-powered gyroscopical forces.

7a) Ecology & public space: The BK is for the car-free city, shared space, flowers, trees, foldable beer-tables and durable table-tennis-tables. Against the salt spreading in the winter. The salt is poison for the bicycle. Especailly for the chain, the brakes and the shift.

7b) Public space is communual space. Each permanent occupant must prove, that they are acting the benefit of the public interest and the bicycle model. If they do not do this, this is a sign of opression (most possibly in the duty of petrol-driven hegemony).

7c) The enjoyment, quality and value of the space is not the privilege of few.

Nothing is impossible for those, who are not alianeted by the implausible!


Vienna, March 12th 2012