Night ride

Night ride


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Night Ride (even bikers need salvation)

Oh I tell you, you know better

Get you ready quick and soon

For our bikes must be together

At the rising of the moon

Leave your beers or take them with you

Go to sleep or just go fishin´

Night is falling, sky is dark-blue

And we´ve a bikin´mission:

Cross districts, across the town

Block the cardrivers their way

Brake their rules from dusk till dawn

It´s revenge I´d like to say

United bikers every gender

Now grab your holy handlebars

We won´t dismiss, we won´t surrender

Until the town is free of cars

Is there anybody missin´?

Yeah, Georgie is swaying over there

Go ahead, I´m fine, just pissin´!

Oh come on, Georgie, that’s not fair!

Now fasten seat-belts sad four-wheelers

This is bike-pride on the ride

Or leave your prison, start to join us

We take the road and we don´t hide

Fixie, tallbike, groovy-jopper

Freakbike, Trashbike, deco-hopper

Long John, Long-Jane, bullit-stower

Let´s take the city, take it over!

Capture crossings, slide and roll

Pedal-pirates of all nations

Only stop for alcohol

Cause even bikers need salvation!